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Indian River Suffers Lost to Nationally Ranked FSW

Indian River Suffers Lost to Nationally Ranked FSW

IRSC sets off on the road early on Saturday in hopes of being the first ones to knock off #1 in the country, FSW. The opposing Buccaneers have not lost a match this year and have proven to be a very good team. The Pioneers will have their hands full, especially entering the match down their sophomore right side, Re'na Ashley.

FSW would get the first serve Saturday afternoon and the Pioneers took the floor ready to battle. Although FSW had some big swings and served aggressively, the Pioneers fought back just as hard and looked to be fighting as a unit. IRSC actually was the first team to 15, and didn't look to be slowing forcing some pressure onto FSW, and they responded. While the Pioneers were playing well, FSW made some incredible defensive plays to build a lead of a couple points, and that paired with a few untimely blocking errors led to a 25-16 defeat.

The second set started much of the same with lots of ties and lead changes occurring. Again, IRSC would beat FSW to 15 and looked to be in good position to steal a set from the nationally ranked Buccaneers. This time it was the serve receive for the Pioneers that let them down and allowed FSW to jump out to a small lead that they would hold onto for the remainder of the set, winning 25-19.

The third set started exactly where the second left off, IRSC was struggling in serve receive. Unable to push the ball forward on a majority of the plays made it very difficult to side out against FSW, and led to lots of transition opportunities for the Bucs. Even with solid performances from Taylor Flint (7 Kills) and Daphne Wibranowski  (4 kills, 2 blocks), IRSC was unable to keep up with FSW and they took the 3rd set 25-13.

Another tough loss for the Pioneers, they are on the road again next Thursday against perennial power house Miami-Dade.